Instructions for dkVistun

On this page you will find various instructions for dkVistun.

If you do not find the information you require here, feel free to send us a Request and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Installation for Windows computers

To set up a connection to dkVistun on a computer, install the software below and follow the instructions. No further installation is required.

Start by downloading the setup agent and install.

  • Use the default setup path
  • Agree to the Licence terms and conditions
  • Click INSTALL

Get connection setup.

When the software has been setup the interface opens as displayed below

  • In Customer Number: enter the SSN for the dk permit holder and press „Enter“
  • If the SSN is valid the software should display the dk permit holder below and create a connection to dkVistun on the desktop
  • When connecting it’s required to type dkVistun\ in front of the username

To configure additional settings click the Options button

  • Enable Multiple Display | Show the connection spanned across all monitors
  • Redirect Drives | Connect all local drives
  • Always ask for password | When connecting, RDP will always ask for a password
  • In order to remove the connection from the computer click „Reset“
  • If changes have been made the „Refresh“ button will refresh all connections on the computer
  • When finished making changes this window can be closed and the icon on the desktop can be used to connect


Setup for Apple computers

Type the SSN for the dk permit holder below to download a connection file

If you already have Microsoft Remote Desktop or Jump Desktop

Select either Microsoft Remote Desktop or Jump Desktop installation and follow the instructions below.

EasyPrint with Microsoft Remote Desktop

A connection software for simple printing operations. Not ideal for bulk printing or other more complex printing operations.

 Microsoft Remote Desktop og Easy Print

Start by installing Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 that can be found in Apple’s App Store.

When installing is complete, open up the software

It’s possible to stop here and get a connection file from the top of this page. This can be done by entering the dk permit holder and click the button. In order to setup that connection click „Connections“, „Import Desktops…“ and select the downloaded file.

To continue setting up a connection manually keep scrolling down.

After importing the file a connection will be created under Saved Desktop. To establish a connection, double click

At first login valid credentials need to be enter with the domain in front, dkvistun\username along with the password and click „Continue“.



To create a connection manually follow the instructions below.

Click „Add Desktop“

Information required is:
PC name: The environment you want to connect to.
If you are not sure what environment you should connect to a connection file can be retrieved from the top of the page or contact dk Hugbúnaður support. 
User account: dkvistun\username
Friendly name: dkVistun
Gateway: Click „Add new gateway“ (see the screenshot below).
User information are entered below




In „Add new gateway“ type the following gateway name:
Gateway name:
Username: dkvistun\username
Password: Password for the user

In order to connect other devices click „Devices & Audio“. For printers, tick the box under for Redirect under „Printers“.
For physical certificates tick („Smart cards“) and for the clipboard tick („Clip board“)












If a file folder is to be connected from the local computer, tick „Redirect folders“ and select what folders to redirect.












When the setup is complete a connection is created. To connect to dkVistun, double click the connnection.

ThinPrint with Jump Desktop

A more advanced connection software that supports bulk / custom printing. ThinPrint is only supported by Jump Desktop that can be bought in Apple’s App Store.

 Jump Desktop and Thinprint

To begin with you need to start installing ThinPrint, which takes care of transferring a printer to dkVistun, please download it below.

Thinprint setup software

Thinprint for MAC

Next, you need to install the Jump Desktop application, which you can find in App Store.

When installation is complete, open the application and click the plus button on the toolbar to establish a connection.

Snip20160308_1There type in a host and a name for the connection and click „Add„. If you are not sure what environment to connect to you can get a connection file on the top of the page or contact dk support. 

Snip20160308_2You need to right click on the connection and select“Edit„.

Snip20160308_18 (1)Snip20160308_5
Once installed, add RD Gateway, located at the bottom of the left side bar.

Snip20160308_6Click on the plus and enter url of the Gateway:


There is no need to enter userinformation here.
You must choose for the connection and click on „Save

In order for the printer to work properly, open „Sharing“ from the toolbar and uncheck „Printers.“

Snip20160308_24Now the connection should be installed and ready.

Snip20160308_18 (1)In the first connection, you must enter a username and password with „dkVistun\“ in front of the image shown below.

Enter the SSN for the dk permit holder below to get a connection file